Manager, Marketing and Client Services

Location: Washington DC region 

Job Type: Full Time 

Relocation Provided: No

About EqualityMD

EqualityMD builds inclusive, safe and quality healthcare experiences, centering on the needs of the LGBTQ+ population. Our experience-driven, community-minded company works to address healthcare disparity gaps by creating solutions to systemic problems. Our work centers humanity to help everyone lead healthier lives.

Position Description

Support EqualityMD’s sales, marketing and client service plans with the overarching goals of customer and business development.

This position will be expected to contribute to various tasks in product development, onboarding, technology research, investor relations and fundraising.

This position will also be responsible for collecting data, draft reports, manage our initial onboarding for our provider network and makes business-oriented recommendations to the clients and team as necessary.


Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer, you will work collaboratively with senior leadership and the Partnership team to develop and implement inside sales processes, onboarding, communications and client service strategies to manage the sales and customer implementation process.


Sales & Marketing Support

  • Marketing Campaign Development and Management
  • Collateral support and management
  • Lead management and qualification
  • Customer Outreach
  • Customer Relations and Account Management support
  • Customer Implementation and Support
  • Third-Party affiliate Marketing Support (ecommerce; onboarding, copy, affiliate tracking, weekly sales efforts)
  • Relationship management
  • Customer conversion and upselling
  • Customer retention
  • Management of customer subscription churn

Areas of Responsibility (AOR)

Client implementation/Onboarding

  • Providers/Channel Partners/Ecommerce
  • Handoff from Sales to technical onboarding
  • Evaluate “partner” as to which process flow they will go down (Are they OutCare Certified?)
  • Initial Setup of Users on Heally or subscription management
  • Establish follow up protocols for all closed contracts/New User
    • 24 – 48 hour
    • 10 business days
    • 20 business days
  • Product releases/updates
  • Tutorials / Training
    • Establish / implement methods to inform each customer group on how to sign up for OutCare Training
      • 1 on 1 demo / training walk-throughs
      • Assist in creating initial tutorial videos that can easily be sent to prospects or existing users to inform about updated capabilities
  • Retention
  • Inside Sales/Upselling
    • Affiliate/Third Party/Data
  • Co-Briefing of relationship
  • Handoff from Sales and loading into HubSpot
  • Introduction Call and establishment of initial calls for relationship type
  • Manage Onboarding process
  • Establish follow up protocols
    • 24 – 48 hour
    • 10 business days
    • 20 business days
    • Product releases/updates
  • Retention

Account management

Establish password issue/change protocols

Establish FAQ’s:

  • Use cases
  • Troubleshoots
  • Multiple users: one account
  • Functionality

Ensure customers are up to date on the latest developments and releases

Maintain a low churn rate

  • Set and keep customer expectations
    • Learn the pain points of eMD’s LGBTQ+ customer groups and become proficient with applying our products/services capabilities to those established issues
    • Stay informed on what is being delivered, what can be delivered and what will be delivered
  • Nail the first impression
    • Self manage, follow through.
    • Gauge each customer and find ways to connect with them on their level
  • Providers & Investors – efficient communicator.
  • Research.
  • Inclusive Businesses – relational conversations, establish commonality.
Inside sales/upselling
Establish methods/benefits for increasing product/service enhancement
Know LGBTQ+ community and inclusive healthcare audiences:
  • Be aware of their existing pain points after engaging with eMD’s lower level membership/subscription packages, and connect those pain points with the benefits to upgrading
Contributor to the Social Media Manager and CMO’s targeted marketing campaigns that connect general sector specific pain points with the benefits of eMD’s  product/service
  • Email
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Facebook
  • Industry specific platforms/mediums with high traffic
Sales Operation Support
Help identify and/or qualify potential purchasers for product development purposes
Provide sales team with regular customer feedback and new use cases updates
  • Participate in monthly newsletter and role play.
Assist the marketing team with feedback and insights for developing new outreach content
Assist on marketing collateral and file/library management
  • Be prepared to counter act with unmentioned value add functions.
  • Ability to read your costumer – focus on established pain points.
Know your competition – Plush, Folx, LemoinAidHealth, TeleDoc, etc.
  • Be prepared to deliver competitive features/functions when asked about competitors.
Ensure that you stay up to date on all competitor capabilities
Start by examining all SWOT analyses to date
Create and maintain customer loyalty
  • Let your customers know what you are doing for them.
Willingness to demo for potential users or to update existing users on new features
  • Write personal emails when needed and/or appropriate.
Inbound inquiries/Triage
  • Phone – Answers all incoming calls and direct to appropriate person.
  • Email – Manage general email box
  • Manage inbound leads within
  • Establish a list of troubleshooting scenarios with how-to’s that the accounts management team will be able to utilize for ad hoc inquiries



  •  A minimum of 2 to 5 years within the Market Research and Financial Analysis industry
  • 1 to 3 years of experience in business
  • Exceptional written and oral communication abilities
  • Proficient with Excel, PowerPoint, and project management tools
  • Bachelors or advanced degree preferred but not required
Personal Attributes
  • Driven, resourceful, and autonomous individual able to lead and manage his/her efforts with minimal supervision to meet business objectives detail-oriented, analytical and highly organized individual able to set timelines, define milestones, and deliver accordingly
  • Team player, respectful of others with a high level of professional and personal integrity
  • Problem solver, ability to think outside of the box


Commensurate with experience

Stock incentive/option plan with potential vesting ownership

Comprehensive benefits package

Application Process

  • Immediate opening 
  • Email with the subject line: Marketing & Client Services Position