About EqualityMD

EqualityMD creates inclusive, personalized, healthcare ecosystems for the underrepresented LGBTQ+ community.

Our human-motivated, community-minded, data-driven company bridges glaring healthcare disparity gaps by creating innovative and equitable solutions to systemic societal and institutional problems.

Our work empowers individuals to have their full, authentic selves become active and informed protagonists in their own healthcare narratives, ensuring that everyone has the potential to lead happier, healthier lives.

The Problems We're Solving

The National Institutes of Health classifies LGBTQ+ people as a “health disparity population” due to our unique health concerns and lack of access to care.


For generations, the medical profession has discriminated against our community, effectively disenfranchising us from our own healthcare narrative.


Although laws and social norms have evolved, LGBTQ+ patients still face discrimination (37% report being refused care) and encounter significant barriers to inclusive providers.


23% of LGBTQ+ patients don’t even seek care fearing they’ll be mistreated.


Without equitable care, our underserved population risks suffering from preventable health and wellness hardships that can destroy families and entire communities.

Our Story

EqualityMD started as a LGBTQ+ multimedia/marketing company, Q Media (2015), which became a LGBTQ+ consumer behavioral data analytics company, Equality Rewards (2019).

Our Story

EqualityMD started as a LGBTQ+ multimedia/marketing company, Q Media (2015), which became a LGBTQ+ consumer behavioral data analytics company, Equality Rewards (2019).


After completing a tech accelerator (Lighthouse Labs) and launching a beta product, COVID-19 hit and the world stopped.


Inspired by stories of LGBTQ+ patients searching for inclusive doctors, as well as inclusive doctors looking to care for LGBTQ+ patients, Justin Ayars transformed Equality Rewards into an inclusive, personalized healthcare company for the LGBTQ+ community.


He went through a StartOut tech bootcamp in September where his ideas crystalized and took shape. In October of 2020, Justin Ayars formally founded EqualityMD

Ayars brought Rick Gilchrist into EqualityMD to refine the offering, lead product development, incorporate his SaaS platform solutions into EqualityMD and scale the company.


As our team continues to grow (doctors, technologists, marketers, strategic partners, advisors, etc.), we seek to bring the most diverse and talented people, businesses and nonprofit organizations into the EqualityMD family.


As we expand, we’re discovering the most efficient, equitable and innovative ways to ensure our products and services become the new gold standard for what all communities can expect from their telehealth providers.  


About the Founder

Justin Ayars is a self-described recovering healthcare trial lawyer turned serial entrepreneur. As he puts it, “I have the mind of a humanities scholar, heart of a poet & spirit of a starship captain. In all that I do, curiosity is my true north star.”

Over the years, Justin has started several businesses, served on many boards, received numerous awards and has been a steadfast leader in the LGBTQ+ community. 


He often jokes that when you pass the bar exam, you become a “Counselor at Law.” 

However, when he became a lawyer, he just became a counselor.


People from all walks of life have always sought his advice. 

As a former history teacher at a naval boarding school in rural England, he revels in the opportunity to help others.

He’s always found that the best teachers are, themselves, students. That is, they listen, are interested and remain genuinely curious.


Justin is a true student of life; an unabashed star-gazer who asks questions, sees problems and finds solutions.

Justin is a proud graduate of the College of William & Mary and the George Mason University School of Law. His hard work allowed him to study abroad at Cambridge University (Christ’s College), the Australian National University and the National University of Singapore. 


A globe-trotting, animal-loving, extremely affable guy, we encourage you to get to know him. We bet he’ll ask you to tell him your story.


Our Team

Our team has grown rapidly, but organically. When a position needs to be filled, we come together and find the perfect fit. From healthcare and technology to marketing and media, our team is a cohesive, highly effective and somewhat eccentric family. 

Our personal and professional backgrounds could not be more divergent and we literally are spread out across the entire globe. That said, we all complement each other, both in our talents and personalities.

Imagine that each member of our team is part of an outfit. We’re all different pieces of clothing and accessories with unique shapes, but when assembled together for a common purpose, we get the job done and we do it looking great!

Most importantly, we’re all firmly united behind the mission and vision of EqualityMD. It gets us up in the morning. It’s the last thing we think about when we go to bed. The company’s mission has become our own. That is who we are. We are EqualityMD.


Company Values






The Future

We will launch our platform nationwide in June to celebrate Pride Month.

From there, we’ll expand our product offerings, make our platform even more fun to use and listen to your feedback.

We want to ensure that every person who uses EqualityMD receives the quality healthcare they deserve in a safe, protected space.

Your story is our story. We want to make sure it’s a great one!

Awards and Recognition

In the News

  • Equality Rewards becomes EqualityMD to address the growing needs of the LGBTQ+ health disparity population during the COVID-19 crisis (2020)
  • Justin Ayars completes Lead Virginia (2019)
  • Q Media becomes Equality Rewards, a LGBTQ+ consumer data analytics company, and is accepted into an nationally-ranked tech accelerator, Lighthouse Labs (2019)
  • All of Q Media’s publications are housed in the Library of Virginia as historical documents (2019)
  • Justin Ayars addresses World Pride at the Lincoln Center in NYC (2019)
  • Justin Ayars addresses Virginia’s General Assembly on the Economics of Equality (2018)
  • Justin Ayars – Equality Award (2017) – Arlington Gay & Lesbian Association
  • Justin Ayars appointed to Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s LGBT Tourism Task Force (2016)
  • Q Media hosts Virginia’s first statewide LGBTQ+ wedding show at the Greater Richmond Convention Center (2016)
  • Q Media becomes SWAM certified (2016)
  • Justin Ayars creates the first statewide LGBTQ+ media company in Virginia, Q Media (2015)
  • Justin Ayars completes Leadership Metro Richmond (2014)
  • Justin Ayars helps create a LGBTQ liasion officer position within the Richmond Police Dept. (2013)
  • Justin Ayars creates Richmond, Virginia’s LGBTQ chamber of commerce and makes it a part of the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce family (2012 & 2013)
  • Justin Ayars and Jesse LaVancher open a restaurant/lounge in Richmond, VA that becomes a regular gathering place for the LGBTQ+ community (2012)
  • Justin Ayars appointed to Richmond’s LGBTQ Tourism Initiative (2011)
  • Justin Ayars and Jesse LaVancher open a coffee shop in Williamsburg, VA, which becomes a safe haven for LGBTQ+ youth (2009)