LGBTQ+ no matter where you live or how you live. You’re not alone.

EqualityMD’s online platform gives everyone, regardless of location, the ability to connect with inclusive healthcare professionals on any device to get prescriptions, advice, and a connection to other LGBTQ+ people across the country.


Relax, EqualityMD is a space where your secrets are safe. Your personal data is never shared, and help is always available.

How it works


Health Questionnaire


Fill out a health questionnaire with your existing prescriptions or conditions and what you are looking for in a LGBTQ+ supportive health care provider


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Monthly subscriptions start at just $25.00 a month! 




EqualityMD will match you with a medical professional who best fits your needs.





Schedule a telehealth appointment with  a medical professional.


If you love your “match” you can choose to make this person your preferred medical provider, or if you’d prefer, you can be matched with another provider for future appointments.

Amazing features of EqualityMD


Our board-certified national network of LGBTQ+ inclusive licensed medical professionals are available to you via mobile app, video, or phone.


For just $25/month, you‘ll join our inclusive network and can get quality care from our medical professionals.


All of your virtual visits are 100% confidential, private and secure. Your data is never sold. Protection of personal information and privacy is our highest priority. 


You deserve great health care no matter who you are, how you live, or where you live.


We aim to transform the medical system into a LGBTQ+ inclusive space where all patients are welcome.


Our Services

We offer the following stream of treatments


Healthcare Resources


Mental Health

Covid Testing
(Home and On site)

HIV/AIDS/STI Testing & Treatment

Sexual Health

Prescription Refills and Verification

Patient Matching Programs

Non-traditional Healthcare and Wellness solutions

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